Welcome to the World of Mortal Perception!

WallWalker3DThis is the official site of the new Mortal Perception Series by Janice E. Eberhardt.

It starts off with the soon-to-be downloadable Book 1 titled Wall Walker. Here’s a brief description:

A geneticist’s discovery links humankind to knowable mortality. What, if anything, awaits beyond life’s end remains unknown.
Knowing his death-date, atheist Jasper Wilkinson ventures into the anarchic Wall Walkers’ World seeking proof of an afterlife. He encounters an array of bizarre characters thriving within the freedom of chaos. He and a date share an adventure into an alternative reality. He meets and cheers on a tragically beautiful witchy wrestler. Finally, he walks the wall of death alone, deep into the most mysterious level of Walkers’ World.

I’ll be loosing this tale upon the world later this month. In the meantime, I’ll keep you updated!

Thanks for checking in. Come back soon!